BPM Case Study For A Nationalized Indian Bank

Overview | Problem Area

Perapsis Infotech Private Limited played a keen role in bringing about a paradigm shift in handling & supervising operations for a mobile application in a nationalized bank of India.A leading nationalized bank of India released a mobile application for opening new accounts. The mobile application backend / operations panel was used by the support team and sales team members of the bank. The application was developed by a third party technology company. This application was a core for a certain function of the bank.

There were many challenges which were faced by the employees for using this application. The entire operations was managed quite haphazardly there by affecting the productivity of the entire team.

High number of Issue Calls
Low Productivity
High turn around time
Inadequate information / training

Accounts Opening Per Day
No. of Issue Calls
Team Size
% Productivity Increase

Opportunity | Methodology

After understanding various challenges and difficulties faced by the team, we, at Perapsis took it as an opportunity to solve these problems. Before working on the solution, we needed to understand the current core problem and related numbers for instance. Number of accounts opened, no. of issue calls, types of issues raised and others.

Matrix Design

A matrix gives an overview of the entire process thereby helping to pinpoint on pain areas and offer solutions accordingly.

Quality Control

While carrying out any BPM, it is very important to understand the Quality being generated while applying the processes.

System Standardization

Once we understand the problem, we not only provide solution but also standardize the entire process for seamless working.

Perapsis Team & Structure

We execute minimal people team with a core manager to excute the entire process in the system.


Our Solutions not only helped to curtail down on costs but also lowered down on issue calls from the team.

Extensive Reporting

We offered multiple types of reporting which made decision making easy & quick. Our reportings include numbers anf graphs.

Results | Output

Bank were able to increase the number of account opening from 3000 to 10000

Issues calls lowered from 300 calls per day to 30 calls per day

Brought in Email, Call & WhatsApp support

From 8 people, we reduced our team size to 6 for handling all queries

Our issue solving turn-around time reduced significantly
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